Different Baking Terms

Bake-to cook by dry heat in an oven

Batter-flour, liquid and other ingredients, thin enough to  four used in coating foods for frying.

Beat-mix vogorously with a spoon,whiper or beaten.

Blend-mix thoruoughy.

Boil-cook liquid with bubblrs appear on surface.

Bovillon-clear meat stock for broth.

Bread-to coat with flour,egg or crumbs.

Broil-to cook directly on heat over a fire or in a oven.

Brush-spread thinly with a brush.

Caramelize-melt sugar in a medium heat to a golden brown.

Chop-cut foods in fire or coarse pieces with a sharp knife.

Coat-cover with a thin film as with flour,batter,eggs or crumbs, sugar ,icing etc.

Cream-rub shortening and sugar against the sides of a bowl with wooden spoon or blender until creamy.

Cube-to cut foods in solid squares.

Cut-in -in corporate fat into flour with two knives,pastry,blender.

Dice-to cut into very small cubes.

Dough-mixtures of flour &liquid plus other ingredients thick enough to roll, knead or drop from a spoon.

Blanch-So scold quickly in boiling water.

Devil-to season with mustard pepper or other spicy condiments.

Draw-to remove entrails

Dredge-to coat with flour prior to frying

Entree-the main coarse of the meal.

Fillet-a thin boneless piece of meat or fish.

Flake-to fork up a food.

Fold-in-to-to mix light fluffy ingredients using a gentle over and over motion.